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The only original non surgery face lift the Exoderm peel + Lift,                                           

 Hair transplants Fue and Artificial hair implants.

About the Exoderm peel :

Exoderm chain of international Medical Centers and clinics practiced over 30 years and keeps the highest quality of the original Exoderm peel by our special methods that no others could copy or do with the same safety and good results as the original method,

The technique and the formulas were passed only to few doctors that are part of Exoderm’s chain,  therefore many clinics did and still do try to use and fake the methods by using the Exoderm reputation and name only but preforming instead  a simple phenol peels without any knowledge of the real method or formulas, unfortunately many patients that do not know that are taking unnecessary risks and some had already and may have severe complications by undergoing those peels by inexperienced doctors and clinics.

Deep chemical peels are done by many with better or worse results , however not many can prove or say that they have done that for 30 years to so many patients without any complications and by having good results in any case like we do,

Exoderm Medical Centers preforms the original peel to the face and neck without any complications since 1984 until today,

When you come to chose as a patient or a doctor the methods of non surgery face lifts it is recommend to have the original peel only and by an expert Doctor that is using only the original Exoderm methods or simply check with us first  if your doctor or clinic that may use the Exoderm name is he relay certified by us or maybe just using some other fake Exoderm products and methods.

For doctors only :

The original Methods and full training courses with our full back up can be learned within our franchise systems in our or even at your own clinic by the most experienced personal,  we offer to limited number of doctors to join our chain and use the Exoderm methods and the name exclusively at your area as a leverage and to let your patients to have the best non surgery face lift results by using the safest procedure.

Exoderm I.M.C developed during more than 37 years the most professional Medical protocols and methods to insure Doctors and their patients the relative best and safest peel that is painless and easy done within 8 days of luxury and most personal care that insures the most comfortable and stressles deep peel ever.  Contact us and Get more info about our workshops and courses 

Hair transplants and artificial hair implants :

Exoderm Centers practiced Fue and all types of hair transplants and Artificial hair implants over 30 years,

Artificial hair implants seems to many new doctors as an easy method  by taking some fast 1-2 day courses that mostly done by the manufactures that has no clinical experience with their own  products since they have no clinics and they do not implant hair beside dummy heads to let doctors get the first impression ,

however as from that point any doctor can call himself as certified ! and start preforming hair implants , patients do not know how many patients did that doctor have before if any or what are his real skills to preform a complete hair implant and safe one , nor as for the after care and possible complications that should be avoided or the methods of how to avoid them.

After so many years of experiencing  Exoderm Medical Centers gained the highest levels of quality and developed their own techniques that are far better and faster than most clinics over the world ,  the complications rates are the lowest , the downtime is the highest ,  and satisfaction rates of the implant and the results of our patients are very high .

Exoderm is the only clinic that knows how to implant even 7000 hair in one session of few hours only , while other clinics can do maybe 1000 in average during one day or during the very same time.

Our franchise and training for doctors and their Technics are the most professional and teaches as from the basics up to the best performance and the best after care for the patients , so is the methods of patient selection and hair or types of transplants and styling.

such as the right directions and the right angels of implanting are vital to get the best results and a happy patient with no complications , so are the timings the tests before and the after care that can be gained only after a very long experience with many patients ,

Exoderm offers complete courses, Franchise as a part of our chain+ follow up and a professional back up later on with each case each doctor and clinic are getting our help and even getting patients as from our own marketing ,  each patient from your area will be refereed to your clinic by us and will also get the best back up later on even if at any other clinic or country.

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