Artificial Hair replacement natural look hair implants U.S

Artificial Hair replacement

Bio synthetic 

Bio-compatible Artificial Hair  Approved for Hair Implant with CE 0373 and  TGA Certifications . CE marking and TGA

All type of hair implanted exclusively by Exoderm Medical centers by special methods developed by Exoderm’s , we will match the best type according to the patients colors and type of hair and their style of hair cut.

During 30 years of practice and gaining large experience with FUE and other methods of regular hair transplants our new developed methods of artificial hair implants allows our patients to get the maximum amounts of  hair implants in the shortest downtime with almost no risk or rejection or other types of complications unlike with the older types of synthetic hair and or other methods of implantation’s .

however with the new generation of implants and new methods of  of implantation and by a special training that developed exclusively at our clinics the results are far better and keeps safety and achieves complete fast results for our satisfied patients that mostly did not get the results that they wished for with other methods of artificial implants or FUE or FUT they had before with other clinics.

Exoderm Medical is the only Medical Center that developed best quality Technics that allows to implant even 5000 – 6000  hair per session in few hours  and to keep on implanting on the next days if necessary with no risk at all,  unlike most clinics that may implant only 500-1000 hair during many hours and repeat that every 3-4 weeks,  so  that getting results may take many month and involved with with high traveling costs and many days of implants that are very inconvenience  for most patients including getting too much local anesthesia for too many hours only because most doctors and clinics do not have enough experience nor the right Technics of preforming a fast and safe large amounts of implants in few hours only.

those advantages allows patients to travel for 2-3 days to our clinics from all over the world and actually get the final results they wish for in one visit only ,  blood tests are done with their local doctors in advance at their place and matching of the hair and amounts are done  before,  we provide the hotel near our clinics , pick up from the airport , and a very personal care to each of our patients.

The special after care and instructions given by us to our patients are vital to maintain the good results and keep the scalp healthy and clean after the implants , the basic and main after care would require only a daily wash of the hair with a special antiseptic shampoo that will keep the scalp and the new hair  .

Exoderm-hair implant
Exoderm 5000 hair implants

Advantages of artificial Synthetic Hair Implant 

  • Synthetic hair looks and feels just like your own hair
  • large verity of colors and  hair types, Curly, waved, strait, short or long hair
  •  Final Results in only one or two day.
  • Immediate and natural aesthetic result.
  • High hair density in a few hours.
  • Painless procedure allows the patient to lead an active and sporty lifestyle.
  • best solution for patients without enough donor area or large bald area that can not get covered with FUE at any age.
  • best for patients that do not wish to undergo any surgery or do not wish to have any scars .
  •  Best method to increase the density of hair with no limits.
  • Repair older or failed hair transplants and cover any empty area.
Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
Before- Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
After – Biofibre hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
Nido Hair implant Exoderm Medical
Before- Nido Hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
Nido Hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers
After – Nido hair implant Exoderm Medical Centers

Video : 10,000 Artificial  hair implant By Exoderm 

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